Tab Wrapper Tornado Orbital Wrapper

Model          Skid Size Capability

40″              Accommodates a 24″ x 24″ skid

80″              Accommodates a 48″ x 48″ skid

100″            Accommodates a 60″ x 60″ skid




-Wraps stretch film around a horizontal axis to lock product to the pallet.
-Wrapping cylinder carries a spool of stretch wrap on a moving dispenser.
-Cylinder moves parallel to the forks of a forklift or conveyor.
-Stretch wrap is dispensed around and under the loaded pallet while the cylinder advances forward across the pallet.

-Stretch film is wrapped around the load in 1 minute or less.



• Significantly improves pack-to-ship performance while minimizing labor requirements.
• Securely locks any load to the pallet without the use of banding or strapping.
• Stretch-wraps most loads in one minute or less.
• Reduces the chance of product damage from shifting or sliding.
• Protects product from weather conditions.
• Ensures consistent quality resulting in a zero- return rate.
• Sets up in less than an hour and virtually maintenance-free.
• Better utilization of stretch-wrap and pallet.
• Reduces worker compensation claims associated with hand wrapping and metal banding.
• A quality machine for an economical price.



• Automated Cut & Wrap Device (Requires 90 PSI Air Supply)
• Wireless Remote
• Anti-Vibration Pads (8 pads per set)
• Bumper Guard
• Light Tower
• Conveyor Bridge
• Manual Conveyors (belt, chain, or roller)
• Powered Conveyors (belt, chain, or roller)
• Fully Automated Wrapping System



• TAB WRAPPER TORNADOS are designed for operator ease and safety.
• Emergency stops located on the machine and on corded control.
• Side access door designed to for safe changing of film rolls.
• Limit switch installed on the access door to cut power when open.
• The remote control activation devices serve as emergency stops.
• Steel guarding covers all moving parts.
• Forklift pockets built into base allow machine to be easily and safely moved.



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