Printed Tape- 24 Rolls/Per Case (3″x110yrds., 2 Mil.)


Fragile Printed Tape – 2.0 Mil is designed to stick strongly to any surface and standout with its white base color and bold red-letter font. These tapes improve the shipment procedures and aid in the protection of goods from mishandling and other related damages. When shipping delicate packages, it’s always wise to reinforce the handling awareness with Fragile Printed Tape. This tape brings substantial notification to the packages so that the potential risk for damage is eliminated. Common among 3rd party shipping companies is brutal handling of packages. Packages can experience plenty of tossing, stacking and dropping during transit when in route to a destination point.

White Stop Signed Printed Tape – 2.0 Mil are used to take protective measure to avoid packaging hazards. These tapes are made to warn on-lookers, workers, customers and shippers of handling items taped with these tapes carefully. This reduces damage and unfortunate accidents due to mishandling of products. Stop Signed Carton Sealing Tapes are made from acrylic and therefore one can be rest assured of getting the same performance measures as our Standard Acrylic Packing Tape. Available in 3” size.

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Fragile Printed Tape – 2.0 Mil 

White Stop Signed Printed Tape – 2.0 Mil Printed Acrylic Adhesive Tape with Warning Signs available in “Fragile” and “Stop”. White with Red Print. All temperature box-sealing tapes, gives maximum attention to shipping and security directions.


  • White/Red colors used for easy readability
  • Great adhesion even on rough surfaces
  • Promotes safety effectively
  • Notifies customers, shippers, and workers of exercising caution while handling products

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  • Color: White with Red Letters
  • Total Thickness: 2.0 Mil
  • Adhesion to Steel: 29.96 ozf/in
  • Tensile Strength: 17.98 lbs/in
  • Elongation: 166%
  • Temperature Range: 23°F to 104°F (Application), 0°F to 200°F (Operating)

Additional information

Weight 336 oz
Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 12 in

3" x 110 Yards


Fragile, Stop Sign


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