• Random Carton Sizes
  • Automatically adjusts to size of carton
  • Top and Side Belt Drives
  • Top and Bottom tape heads
  • Flexible Conveyor
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Using the top and side belt drives the Eagle T400R randomly adjusts to seal your carton on top and bottom.


  • Top and Side Drive Belts
  • Locking Casters
  • Dual Mast
  • Top and Bottom Tape Heads
  • Extension Roller Tables
  • Automatically adjusts to the size of the carton

Available Options

  • High-speed motors
  • Roller conveyer
  • Extended working height
  • Hold-down attachment
  • Low tape sensor
  • Broken tape sensor
  • Indexer
  • Flexible Conveyor

    Additional information

    Power 110V/60Hz
    Carton Size Length: 6” – Infinity Width: 6.75”, to 20”, Height: 4.25” to 20”
    Tape Width 2″ or 3″
    Tape Length 1,0000 yd to 2,000 yd
    Max Load 80 lbs.
    Air Consumption 1CFM @ 80psi
    Machine Dimensions 45.5(L)” x 41.6(W)” x 50.75 (H)”
    Shipping Weight 661 lbs.
    Sealing Speed 15 cartons per minute


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