• 250% Powered Pre-Stretch
  • 59″ Turntable Diameter
  • 87.5″ Max. Wrap Height
  • 5,000lb Max. Load Weight
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The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrappers feature a powered film carriage unit to maximize film efficiency. First a photoelectric sensor automatically recognizes the load height. Then the carriage travel will automatically adjust to create an effective wrap cycle. Additionally the turntable offers a soft start/soft stop feature for gentle handling. There upon completion of a job cycle, the turntable resets itself automatically. Therefore this allows for proper orientation of the load for pallet jack or forklift insertion. Even more available features offer increased production and a cost per load savings. Nevertheless, owning an Eagle 2000B series stretch wrapper just makes work life more efficient.


  • Semi-automatic or manual operation
  • Powered pre-stretch (250%)
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • LCD display with integrated controls
  • ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor)
  • Soft start/stop turntable
  • Handles pallet load profiles ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’

Available Options

  • Turntable loading ramp
  • Porch extension
  • 30″ Film carriage
  • Infrared or digital laser load height sensor
  • Roping pallet system
  • Integrated scale
  • AFCO (Auto Film Cut-Off)

    Additional information

    Power Supply 110VAC/60Hz/Single Phase
    Turntable Diameter 59in
    Turntable height 3-1/8in
    Turntable Diagonal 80in
    Mast Height 95in
    Max. Load Weight 5,000lbs
    Min. Load Height 22in
    Max. Load Height 87in
    Machine Dimensions 96.5in x 59in x 99in
    Machine Weight 1,295lbs


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