We offer corrugated boxes and sheets in single and multi wall construction.  Plain and custom multi-color printed boxes are available.  RSC and Die-Cut.  Custom sizes and configurations to protect your product during shipping.  In many cases we can redesign your boxes to decrease material while still maintaining strength, productivity, and effectively lowering costs.

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

RSCs are the most commonly used boxes. They have four flaps on the top and bottom and the side walls are sealed at one corner.  Designed to be functional for most packing applications.

Half Slotted Containers (HSC)

Half slotted containers are similar to regular slotted containers except that they have only one set of flaps. The opposite side of the box is open, which allows it to slide over an item.

Full-Overlap Slotted Containers (FOL)

The outer flaps overlap the full width of the box making it especially resistant to rough handling. All flaps are the same length, and their length equals the width of the box. The flaps  fold over one another to provide added strength and protection to the top and bottom.


One Piece Folders (OPF)

Flat bottom with two short flaps forming the sides at each end and two longer, wider flaps that form the front, back and top of the box. The wider flaps either meet or overlap on the top.  Commonly used to package books and pictures.

Five Panel Folder (FPF)

Five-Panel Folder actually resembles a shallow-depth box when assembled. It is a one-piece box with an over-lapping top and over-lapping end panels. 

Tuck Top Mailer (TTM)

These are simple unglued boxes that need to be folded when assembled.  are exceptionally strong and can withstand the most rigorous treatment during shipment.


In addition to corrugated boxes, we can provide corrugated sheets. Corrugated pads placed between product and pallet protect stacked loads from nail and splinter damage.  By placing an extra pad on top of your pallet you get extra protection from theft and water damage.  Placed between products, pads cushion and disperse weight to prevent damage during shipment.  Die-cut vented sheets available for food manufacturing to allow product cooling.

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